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About Paul Sheehy

My name is Paul Sheehy and I am originally from Dublin. I offer my skills and proficiency in Traditional Plastering for a variety of jobs – big or small. Here at Frankie’s Plastering, I provide our clients with professional plastering skills gleaned from over 35 years of experience.

Movie Set Construction

While I am professionally certified and trained in all aspects of Plastering, some of the highlights of my career have focused on constructing movie sets. I have extensive experience in constructing and fixing moulds in the film production industry. With Ardmore Studios, I worked on the set of Braveheart and helped to restore the famous Trim Castle which is featured prominently in the movie. While the movie was presented as a Scottish story, these scenes were actually shot in Ireland. This old Norman castle is the largest of its kind in the country and its original construction took over thirty years. Though the set was elaborate and required extensive attention to detail, the restoration naturally went a little faster than that!

Michael Collins

For the historical biopic Michael Collins starring Liam Neeson, I was involved in recreating a set of O’Connell Street (the main street in Dublin) and in building a replica of the Government Post Office (GPO) building. This latter piece was one of the biggest movie sets ever made in Dublin and working at this scale was a challenging but rewarding endeavour. The towering columns and the Greek style portico of the GPO are truly an architectural marvel and its importance in Irish history makes it highly iconic. Michael Collins was quite a sensation while it was being made with over 4000 people freely volunteering to be extras in the scene featuring the GPO building. The set is hard to miss when you watch the movie yourself.

Other Notable Movie Set Work

Some of the other films which I was involved with were The Boxer and In the Name of the Father both starring Daniel Day-Lewis, featured set locations throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom, and were iconic Irish productions of the 1990s. These were the days before extensive CGI made movie set design something much different from what it used to be. It was fascinating to be a part of such large-scale productions in this era and these experiences have informed the work I continue to do today. The creativity and imagination that goes into movie set construction have provided me with the practical ability to perform all manner of Plastering jobs.

Your Top Choice Plasterer In Dublin

My experience goes beyond casting moulds for the movies, however. As an “Old School Tradesman,” I would be happy to help with any heritage home restoration work you might need assistance with. I take great pride in maintaining a high standard of work and know the ins and outs of the Heritage Industry and you can observe this for yourself if you watch each of these movies! Whether you live in a castle or stately older home, I can help you make it picture perfect. 

Finally, a tradie who turns up on time, is polite and a real gentleman! Our experience with Paul has been nothing short of brilliant and a pleasure and a true example of professionalism. Paul’s experience was evident through his high level of workmanship which was fantastic and executed quickly and cleanly! He even made time to befriend out little dogs who harassed him as he did his work! We have no hesitation in recommending Paul to anyone who expects high standards and we will definitely have him back for other jobs in the future.